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Prince Edward Island

The province hosts 6 wind farms throughout the island that have been developed in 8 stages and is a global leader in producing wind electricity. Half of the province's wind farms are private, the other half public. Combined these wind farms hold 89 wind turbines with a capacity of 163.9 megawatts. 
There is one private 10 megawatt farm with 5 turbines in the process of being commissioned. In 2011, Prince Edward Island acquired "over 20% of its electricity supply from wind power".

The government announced on August 13, 2012 that PEI Energy Corporation would proceed with the development of a 30 MW project in the Hermanville/Clear Springs region. The project was commissioned in January 2014. The 30 MW project consists of ten Acciona AW116/3000 turbines. Due to the Hermanville/Clearspring Wind Farm, 30% of Prince Edward Island’s energy demands are met by wind energy. This project promises to generate more than 110 million kilowatt-hours of emission-free electricity for PEI residents each year and has also been an economic generator for the province.

Prince Edward Island is host to the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, established in 1981 with the purpose of "advancing the development of wind energy through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.”

Aeolus Wind Farm

Company: Aeolus Wind PEI
Turbine: Vestas V-90 - 3 MW
Quantity: 1
Capacity: 3 MW
Comissioned: 2002

In 2002 a wind turbine was erected by Aeolus Wind PEI, a subsidiary of Vestas.

The Aeolus site saw the first Vestas V-90 turbine erected in the province, a turbine which has seen wide-spread adoption across the province since then. 

  Prince Edward Island: Growing Renewables [PEI Gov]

Eastern Point Wind Farm Project

Owner: PEI Energy Corporation
Turbines: Vestas V-90 - 3 MW
Quantity: 10
Capacity: 30 MW
Comissioned: 2007

The Eastern PointWind Farm Project consists of 10 Vestas V-90 turbines with a total capacity of 30MW, producing enough electricity to power approximately 12,000 homes. The farm has been operating since 2007 with costs coming in under the projected budget of $55 million at a final cost of $47 million.

Relevant Links and Information
  Eastern Kings Wind Farm Information Page [PEI Gov]

North Cape Wind Farm

 North Cape Wind Turbine Owner: PEI Energy Corporation
Turbine: Vestas V-47 - 660 KW
Quantity: 16
Capacity: 10.56 MW
Comissioned: 2001 [Phase 1] 2003 [Phase 2]

The North Cape Wind Farm was developed in two construction phases, the first in 2001 and the later in 2003. Total, the farm has a generating capacity of 10.56MW with the ability to power approximately 4,000 homes. 

The farm consists of 16 Vestas V-47 turbines with a rotor diameter of 47m and a speed of 29 rpm, each with a generating capacity of 660 kilowatts.

Not only does the wind farm serve as a source of electricity, but also attracts over 60,000 tourists per year. The nearby restaurant and gift shop generates approximately $260,000 in annual sales.

North Cape Wind Farm Information [CanWEA]
North Cape Wind Farm Information Page [PEI Gov]

Norway Wind Farm

Company: Suez Renewable Energy NA
Turbine: Vestas V-90 - 3 MW
Quantity: 3
Capacity: 9 MW
Comissioned: 2007

Located near the village of Norway, the Norway Wind Farm hosts three Vesta V-90 wind turbines capable of generating 3 MW of electricity each, for a total of 9 MW. 

While originally the project was planned by Ventus Energy Inc. and announced in 2005, the project became controlled by Suez Renewable Energy NA when it purchased Ventus Energy in late 2007.

Completed in 2007, the park is capable of generating electricity for over 2,500 homes. 

  Suez Renewable Press Release on Norway Wind Park

Summerside Wind Farm

Proponent: City of Summerside
Turbine: Vestas V-90 - 3 MW
Quantity: 4
Capacity: 12 MW
Commissioned: 2009

Summerside's $30 million dollar wind farm became operational in December 2009 and has been a valuable asset to the city since then.

The farm's four Vesta V-90 turbines have a total capacity of 12 MW.

  Summerside Wind Farm Environmental Impact

West Cape Wind Farm

Company: Suez Renewable Energy NA
Turbine: Vestas V-80 - 1.8 MW
Quantity: 55
Capacity: 99 MW
Comissioned: 2007 [Phase 1] 2009 [Phase 2]

The West Cape Wind Farm represents Prince Edward Island's largest such site. 

Situated near O'Leary, the farm was completed in two phases. The first phase consisted of 11 Vestas V-80 turbines capable of generating 1.8 MW each for a total of 19.8 MW, completed in 2007. 

The second phase consisted of adding 44 additional V-80 turbines for a total of 55 turbines with a capacity of 99 MW, capable of powering approximately 25,000 homes. 

  Suez Press Release on West Cape Wind Farm

Hermanville/Clearspring Wind Farm

Company: PEI Energy Corporation
Turbine: 10 Acciona AW116/3000
Capacity: 30 MW
Commissioned: January 2014

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