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You're Invited to Apply: Venture for Canada's Atlantic Internship Program
Posted: Jul 5, 2018

OTCNS in partnership with Venture for Canada would like to bring your attention to the Atlantic Internship Program: 

Talent shouldn’t be holding you back. Butfor growing businesses, finding the right people is a number one concern.

Big companies are on it. A recent Business Council of Canada survey found that 83% of Canada’s biggest
firms have some type of partnership with a university or college (up from 76% in 2016). Youth are key to
the new competitiveness, and we working to ensure Atlantic Canadian companies have this advantage.

Venture for Canada is connecting standout students on campus with growing rural and urban businesses
in Atlantic Canada. Together, we make your workplace more creative, curious, and connected, and build a
pipeline of young innovators to lead our region’s economy.

Here’s what the Atlantic Internship can offer your company:

- Highly-vetted interns.​ Our interns are talented post-secondary students with science,
technology, engineering, math, or business-related education. After a rigorous selection process,
interns are matched to companies with great attention to personalities, skills, and to your needs.
We are confident you will get the right fit.

- Personal and professional development.​ VFC Interns complete our three-day Training Camp,
learning the skills required to thrive in their work placement at your company. During their
placement, interns receive ongoing support in the form of check ins, peer coaching, and an
additional ten hours of training.

- Wage subsidies​ of up to 50% ($5,000 for each intern in a full-time, 16-week work placement).
Subsidies of up to 70% (maximum of $7,000 per placement) are available for interns from
underrepresented groups: women in STEM, Indigenous students, newcomers to Canada, persons
with disabilities, and first-year students.

- Training and support for companies.​ Your company will have access to mentorship training, and
Venture for Canada will help you identify and develop an innovative project for your intern.

- Flexible timelines and budgets. ​New internships begin every four months, and we’ll work with you
to design the best internship start date, duration and wage for your company.

Eligible companies will:

- Be a small to medium-sized enterprise, nonprofit or charity (flexibility on exact size).

- Provide a safe work environment in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia or
Prince Edward Island.

- Supply proof of legal employer entitlement, such as a registered Business Number and a payroll
deductions account.

- Have the potential, with our support, to hire students for the first time or increase the number of
interns you can bring onto your teams.

- Create a paid internship position, with a focus on entrepreneurial, innovation or business skills.

- Pay a minimum wage of $18/hr, and ideally accommodate a standard placement of 5 days/week,
7.5 hours/day for 12-16 weeks. Our subsidy covers up to 50% of this wage, with employers
responsible for the difference.

- Demonstrate an organizational culture which supports the development of new talent and
integrates diverse experiences and perspectives.

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Proctor Boyce
Partnerships Manager, Atlantic Internship Program
jamie@ventureforcanada.ca | 902.800.9009
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